Ozone is used as a clean and versatile treatment method in various industries. Thanks to its strong oxidizing properties O₃ is the most efficient decontamination method for water and air purification.

Ozone technology is widely used in industry, from water and air purification to sterilization of various surfaces.
Currently, water decontamination with ozone is one of the main stages of modern water treatment systems. Ozone water treatment is recognised worldwide as the most environmentally sound and versatile method of water preparation for industry and households.

Water filters that use ozone have been recognized the most effective filters, least harmful to human health and the environment. High-technology industrial water treatment with ozone is a powerful and versatile method for achieving particularly good results.

Ozonized water is used in food industry for the sterilization of food product surfaces, production lines, packaging containers, working surfaces etc.
In industrial cooling towers ozone technology allows not only to efficiently carry out the disinfection, but also to reduce metal corrosion, preventing the accumulation of sediments. Moreover, O₃ dissociates organic compounds, thus allowing to avoid the use of chemicals. Similar techniques are using cooling towers by large industrial sites such as the Kennedy Space Centre.

Air ozonation is another cost effective and environmentally friendly method for the use of O₃. It facilitates in cleaning the air in industrial facilities from carbon monoxide and other noxious particles, and poor odour elimination.

The use of ozone in various industrial processes and scientific research reveal us yet more increasingly more applications.

Water ozonation in cooling towers