In medicine

The amazing feature of ozone is that it supplies the body with oxygen. Not everyone knows that it is the oxygen that endangers and kills all pathological micro-organisms that cause cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, psoriasis and many other so-called “incurable” diseases.
Applications of ozone are constantly expanding: it is now used for cleaning drinking water, swimming pools, urban water supply systems, medical instruments in hospitals and clinics, and also as a disinfectant. Ozone’s anti-bacterial effect is much stronger than that of formalin and permanganate. In medicine O₃ was first applied during the First World War. It has been used for spraying non-healing wounds, gangrene skin, and areas affected by fungal diseases. Shortly thereafter O₃ mixtures have been introduced also for internal disease treatment.

Ozone therapy means treatment with ozone (triatomic oxygen O₃). It is one of the most effective, environmentally friendly and the most advanced treatment, prevention and rehabilitation methods. It was successfully applied in medical practice in the world and Europe, for treatment and prevention of many diseases.
Ozone is used in the treatment of 150 types of ailments. It is applied in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of internal organs. It is effective against gastro-intestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, bronchial and lung, and joint diseases. It is highly beneficial for the treatment of disorders and liver, kidney, and other internal organs, in particular of neurological character.

Ozone is useful not only for sick patients but also for healthy people. It promotes the production of the happiness hormone endorphin in the body. After ozone therapy procedures people feel they have more strength, are able to work better, have more energy, and become more resistant to colds and other diseases. Ozone therapy is very helpful for sportsmen, because this compound of oxygen increases the body’s stamina, makes it easier to endure the loads.
With its disinfection and detoxication properties activated oxygen or ozone O3 is famous not only in medicine but also in cosmetology.
Medical ozone is one of the most effective means to restore the aging body’s biological processes. Every year, Ozono Centras UAB professionals together with researchers find new fields for the use of ozone in medicine, – and not only in medicine.
Ozone is a true gift of nature to man.