About us

The staff of Ozono centras UAB have been developing and manufacturing ozone generators for many years; in cooperation with scientists, they have pursued scientific research regarding ozone applications, developed efficient practical methods for application of ozone gas fungicidal properties in different areas of food handling, storage and processing. Owing to the long-term experience of the company’s staff in research and improvement of ozone generators, innovative ozonation equipment has been developed and manufactured, which is successfully used in various Lithuanian and foreign companies. The company invests in the development of new products, research activities, and human resources on a constant basis.

The Company’s strategy:
The strategy of Ozono centras UAB is to develop and commercialise top quality ozone generators and other equipment, and create practical ozone applications.

Development purposes of Ozono centras UAB:
– To upgrade research laboratory by implementing new technologies.
– To extend the research range.
– To use scientific theoretical knowledge for the purpose of development of prototypes and the end product.
– To reduce the cost of ozone generators and improve technical parameters, to enhance the range of utilisation and applications.
– To investigate parameters of various ozone generators, to produce the use methodology for each application area, and to determine ozone generators capacities and demand and composition of constituent gas/liquid.
– To develop new efficient and sophisticated water and air ozonation technologies to replace chemical substances harmful to humans and environment.
– To offer new and innovative products to potential clients.