Wastewater disinfection

Ozone technologies, in addition to being extremely effective even in highly polluted effluent wastewater treatment plants, are an environmentally friendly solution, since ozone production requires ambient air and electricity only, without using any chemicals. With increasing costs of chemicals and transportation in conventional wastewater treatment plants, there is a constant inflation of operating costs, which are reduced through implementation of ozone technologies since ozone is produced on site. Hazardous substances, odours, viruses, and various microorganisms are killed due to oxidation without leaving harmful residuals and impurities, thereby achieving much better results of disinfection of wastewater effluents, and due to this reason ozone technologies have advantage over other wastewater treatment technologies which use chemical agents.

Wastewater treatment plants built in the vicinity of residential areas engender the issue of bad smells which is easily solved by installing ozonation equipment. The best advantage of this innovative technology, however, is that it allows to achieve any desirable level of quality of the treated effluent wastewater by treating the same effluent repeatedly and reducing amounts of impurities with each stage of treatment, which is unattainable using conventional treatment methods.