In households

As in medicine, agriculture, industry, so in households ozone has broad application possibilities. Ozone is truly irreplaceable where there are many people and where the air is polluted. It is needed in offices, manufacturing enterprises, residential areas, garages, etc. And can you make it at home? You don’t need to make ozone yourselves – ozone-emitting devices are called ozonators. This device is unique in that it produces ozone that breaks down the residues of pesticides, catalysts and other chemicals in fruits and vegetables and antibiotic and hormone residues in meat products while maintaining the nutritional value, enhancing the flavour and supporting the freshness, extending the shelf time of products. Fish, shrimp and other seafood exposed to ozone no longer have its specific odour, ozone kills harmful bacteria and removes antibiotics.

There are no doubts about the benefits of ozone, because O₃ eliminates odours, kills bacteria and viruses, reduces the likelihood of infectious diseases. It removes odours of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, decoration, carpets, and medications. It helps to avoid the lack of oxygen in crowdy areas. It enriches the air with negative ions, and helps to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Indoor air affected by ozone generated from ozonizers greatly reduces smells spread by animals and their excrements, reduces the proliferation and spreading of fleas, flies, cockroaches and other parasites and bacteria feeding on waste. Moreover, O₃ bounds carbon monoxide, remaining from unburned natural gas and coal, as well as other poisonous gases, ethanol, sulphur oxide, sulphur dioxide.

Ozone is an environmentally friendly means that, upon performing its job, quickly degrades into oxygen, leaving no trace.