Fruit and vegetable processing plants

Ozone as environmentally friendly crop protection

in developing green technologies, fruit and vegetable farmers encounter a problem of storing their produce fresh and of high quality as long as possible, and extending its shelf life in environmentally friendly way (without using chemical preparations). Ozone presents one of such methods. Storage of fruits, berries and vegetables often entail formation of mould and mildew. This may be prevented by supplying ozone at certain concentration, which does not alter properties and taste of product, while the shelf life is extended as twice. The spore killing property of ozone enables its effective use not only against mould, mildew, and putridity, but also extends storage time in refrigerators. This method is efficient and cost-effective, and equipment costs are relatively low. The use of ozone prevents from unpleasant odours and from other consequences arising from utilizing other antioxidants. Product storage facilities, such as warehouses and refrigerators, can be disinfected by means of ozonation. Microbe research has shown decrease of total number of microbes by 2 log, and significant reduction of bacteria causing food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria related to fruit and vegetable products.

Ozonation is an environmentally friendly and highly efficient comprehensive protection of agricultural produce against microbes, viruses, mould, mildew and putridity and other agents causing fungal diseases.