SPA centres and water pools

As we know, the most common swimming pool disinfectant is chlorine, but it is no secret that it causes skin and eye irritation, increases the likelihood of developing asthma, in addition to its unpleasant, irritating odour. It is because of these negative qualities chlorine yields its properties to ozone. Ozonation equipment with UV light lamps can significantly reduce the residual chlorine contents in water, or even remove it entirely.

Treatment of water with ozone and medium-pressure UV light technology improves water quality, kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, mould, algae, and reduces the costs for water temperature maintenance. Due to UV light O3 residues are quickly decomposed to O2 and leave no trace. For this reason, purified water has no foreign unpleasant odours, does not irritate the eyes and skin, and cannot cause other adverse effects in humans. This technology is easily applied in both public and private swimming pools, hot tubs, massaging streams or cold water tubs of all sizes.