In rural homesteads

Ozone technology is ecologically unique, and therefore its use is currently expanding rapidly. In addition to several main applications – drinking water treatment and wastewater recycling, there are other uses of ozone. Because ozone can both oxidize and disinfect, it can very well be used not only in industry, in agriculture, but also in rural tourism homesteads.

Rural tourism is unthinkable without water attractions, i.e. swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. Extensive use of pools and tubs is followed by proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms that may be harmful to our health. This can be avoided by water ozonation since O₃ is mixed with water and effectively kills viruses and bacteria. Swimming pool or hot tub water exposed to ozone does not require a large amount of chlorine as further bacterial growth is suppressed.

In rural tourism homesteads O₃ can serve as a tool for removing bad odours. Ozone can help to control rodents, insects and other pests in the premises.

Ozone is by far the safest sanitary measure to be used in hot tubs, swimming pools in contact with human skin. Constant use of chemicals such as chlorine will eventually damage wood fibre and increase the amount of sediments, so more frequent filter cleaning will be required, not to mention negative effects of chemicals on the skin and the eyes.

Ozonizer greatly reduces the amount of chlorides for water purification. Ozone will prolong the service life of the hot tub and reduce the consumption of chemicals by up to 70%. After a while you will feel even in your budget, as chemicals usually cost a lot.