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Ozonator - ionizer to eliminate bad odors at the premises, removing mold, and clean air. Also, the ozonator can saturate water with ozone. Ozonated water is used for washing: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and so on. Ozone kills on washable surfaces bacteria, mold spores, breaks down pesticides, mycotoxins.

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Implements the project "MTTP infrastructure development company JSC OZONE CENTER" (contract no. S-VP2-1.3-ŪM-03-K-04-005), which was financed by Lithuania for 2007-2013 Economic Growth Priority 1 for competitiveness and economic growth of the research and technological development tool Intellect LT +. The project total investment amounted to over 0.61 million. Lt, of which 0.43 million. Were allocated from the European Regional Development Fund. More

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For the second year in a row We have been rated as strongest company in Lithuania!

OZZY 1-10

OZZY 1-10 ozonator for apartments, houses, cars and small areas ozonize 

Manufactured in our company ozonator Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists awarded as Lithuanian product of the year 2012 with gold medal.